Danley guitar


2009 - Robert Silverstein, Music Web Express 3000, San Francisco, CA
"A modern master of the postmodern Americana guitar sound, Danley’s repertoire combines a time honored composite of musical styles for finger style acoustic steel string guitar including folk, ragtime, jazz, blues and ambient soundtracks." Read the Full Review.

2007 - Dore Stein, Host of Tangents Radio Show, San Francisco, CA
"One of the most astounding acoustic guitarists on earth. Those who saw him at the 2007 Tangents party know what I'm talking about."

2007 - Matt White, The Orion, Chico, CA
"If someone says that music is not an art form, that person should watch John Danley paint a song"

2007 - Entertainment Weekly, Santa Cruz
"John Danley's compositions are rich and impressionistic with strong, intelligent, thought-provoking melodies."

2006 - Leo Kottke
"Danley's one of the good ones"

2006 - Dave Howell , Southbound Beat Magazine
"It is difficult to describe in words how amazing Danley is. There are the harmonics in the middle of a song. There is the incredible speed. There are the seemingly impossible note bends. There are beautiful melodies. There are even humorous references to Led Zeppelin." Read the full review.

2006 - Sing Out
"Danley's a fine picker"

2005 - Mike Keneally, Taylor Guitars on Review
"For his ability to be true to some of the darkest subject matter imaginable without ever resorting to simple despair or cheap sentiment, Danley is an artist to respect, admire, and, above all, to listen to, repeatedly." Read the full review.

2004 - Robert Silverstein, 20th Century Guitar
"Achieves rare levels of sonic depth and reflection."

2004 - Henke Te Veldius, Bridge Guitar Review, Netherlands
"John Danley does no concessions to trends, his music is pure and honest and most record labels do not dare go in new musical terrain for commercial reasons."

2002 - The Nashville Scene Critic's Choice
"Best guitar hero"

2002 - Jason Davidson, Nashville Rage
"A vision of music that is startling and brilliant."

2002 - Brad Fischer, Nashville Music Guide
"There are probably more good guitar players per square yard in Nashville and John Danley is one of the best."

2001 - The Nashville City Paper
"John Danley comes from the same musical vein as Don Ross and Michael Hedges, but his technique is nearly as intriguing as his music. Danley uses a paintbrush to stroke out sounds from his instrument the way others might use a pick."

2001 - Bart Grooms, Birmingham's Black & White
"It's quite a feat to establish one's own voice on this particular instrument, but Danley goes farther toward doing so than anyone, perhaps, since Hedges appeared on the scene."

1998 - Kevin McGowin, Oyster Boy Review
"He's a mercurial chameleon of the guitar, and part of the fun is wondering just what the hell he'll do next."

1998 - Birmingham Weekly
"Danley swirls up a symphonic tableau playing American fingerstyle guitar like few I've heard."

1998 - Neil Fagan, Performing Songwriter
"Danley is an accomplished player who shows off his many styles with grace and flair."

1997 - Dirty Linen
"John Danley is one very good guitar player."